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UKE Inspectors serve as your eyes and ears in the field. We visit properties and businesses to verify information, take photos and complete reports for mortgage lenders, banks and insurance companies.

UKE inspectors assist organizations in handling consumer information with FCRA, GLBA, DPPA and credit bureau compliance requirements and work to ensure the protection of public and private data.

  • CFPB, applicable laws, and vendor requirements

  • Compliance verification

  • On-site Inspections

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Customer Support

Professional Customer Services

Fast Turnaround

Complete Accuracy

Privacy and Security Practices

Servicing Pennsylvania Counties of:

Berks, Bucks, Chester

Montgomery, Delaware and Philadelphia

UKE adopted Fair Credit Reporting Act standards
UKE is Certified Gramm Leach Billey Act Compliant
UKE adopted DPPA Privacy standards
UKE adopted Credit Bureau standards
UKE adopted the Consumer Financial Proctection Bureau standards

Merchant Site Inspections

Inspectors will conduct on-site visits and will provide you the information to mitigate risk and fraud, verify compliance, and determine the legitimacy of a business when establishing a new account or following up on suspicious activity with an existing merchant. These reports can be customized to fit your needs and will include supporting complimentary photographs.


Business Verification

Business verification site inspections are typically done for a perspective client that is applying for new credit, credit information access or insurance services.  These inspections are done for existing clients as well, especially a provider is seeing anything that may be a red flag or cause for concern.


Commercial  / Residential Property Inspections

Property inspections require you to document the condition of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. You’ll be on the lookout for address information, external damage, measurement information, and other characteristics that can help assess estimates of property damage. This information is used for insurance claims, verification for property sales, and property management purposes.


Insurance Inspections

Field inspectors personally verify information and create reports about residential and commercial properties for banks, mortgage lenders and insurance companies.


Collateral Inspections

Collateral Site Inspections provides a physical inspection of your borrower’s place of business. All inspections include a report and photos of the property.


Lease Inspections

Equipment leasing companies, banks, credit unions, finance companies and insurance companies rely on detailed equipment inspection reports for verification of many types of equipment.  Equipment inspection reports are used by financial and insurance organizations not just to verify the equipment being financed or insured, but to help underwriters to make decisions based upon observations regarding the state and condition of the business.


Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle inspections consist of checking the current condition of a vehicle and verifying certain details. The vehicles you’ll be inspecting can include a car, truck, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, boats, trailers, and other vehicles.

We’ll be looking for things like damage to the vehicle, VIN information, odometer readings, and a detailed description of any other vehicle specifications. This information is used for insurance claims, auction information, vehicle sales, and end-of-lease purposes.


Scene Inspections

Scene inspections are needed when something has gone awry. This can be documenting vehicle accidents, personal injuries, workers compensation claims, and more. This information is used by insurance agents and other clients who are conducting personal injury investigations, workers comp claims, or filing insurance claims.


Other Inspections

Are you looking for an inspection beyond the realm of the categories detailed above?  UKE can work with you to custom design type of inspection you are interested in having conducted.

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